Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can't get enough (of Ralph Lauren)

I wanted to do a Fall Winter 2011/2012 recap (late I know, don’t judge me). But I can’t see past Ralph Lauren at the moment (this happened for spring too!). Nobody makes me feel like he does. His flawless and perfected silhouettes are finely touched to the very last detail. The look of the model, the music, and the mood of each and every show or ad he has ever put out there; are a carefully planned out balance to his designs. I can’t get enough! While I’m pleasantly surprised about the Asian inspired look for the Fall Winter 2011/2012 collection, I can still see his classic and cool elegance out loud as each model strolls down the runway so smoothly. I get chills, I am still, and can barely swallow. The brilliance that he portrays leaves me (almost) speechless. Ralph Lauren continues to fuel my passion and inspire me to always create, always imagine, and always be me. 
Thank you Mr. Lauren...you continue to amaze me

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