Monday, October 11, 2010

Made that way

When I was a little girl my favorite color was shiny. My sister swore that wasn’t a color but I still beg to differ. I wasn’t thinking shiny like sparkles or glitter, for some reason I loved the “color” of clear lip gloss. Thick Lip Smacker roll-on lip gloss...that did it for me. I always felt a little different growing up. I even strived for it as I got older. I never wanted to seem typical, or do the things that were ultimately expected. I grew up loved and always felt confident even with my big teeth, gangly arms, and giant eyes (due to plus lenses for my glasses). I really believe this is what gave me the freedom I needed to explore with fashion or anything having to do with expressing myself.
On April 16th I chopped all of my locks off, just for something new and different (I couldn’t stop myself from being inspired by Edie Sedgwick any longer.) April 16th was also the day my nephew Carter was born. I had just left the salon and hadn’t even had time to get used to this drastic change when I got the phone call I'd been waiting on. Of course, when I walked in the hospital room everyone gasped over my hair and that was actually the last thing on my mind. Later that evening my sweet nephew arrived. We then found out Carter was born with Down Syndrome. It was a whirlwind of emotions for everyone. My sister and her husband were strong and calm... this news couldn’t touch their love for their new baby. By the end of the night everything seemed so normal and planned. I finally had a chance to focus on my new look and I thought, I am always striving to make a change and not be typical and Carter was made that way. 1 in 800 babies are born with DS, I’d say those are pretty amazing odds. Carter will be 6 months old soon, he is growing and learning so fast. I am such a lucky aunt and sister. My family continues to inspire me every day and I only hope to inspire Carter the way he does me. I wonder what his favorite color will be?
October is Down Syndrome awareness month. This blog is dedicated to he was obviously born with Stylish Bones.

Please learn more about Down Syndrome awareness & join us for the Buddy Walk on October 23rd.
Here are some websites:
If you’re interested in making a donation in Carter’s name:

The adventures of ME & CARTER

It's true, I have the cutest nephew
Pumpkin Patch

Daddy Mommy & Carter


  1. I love it! My favorite post by far! :)

  2. Love you sis, SO GLAD you love it...makes it all worth it.

  3. whit...your blog is so interesting. you really have loved fashion since you were young...i remember looking up to your fashion sense back when i was in middle school. and as for carter, he couldnt have asked for a better family and i am so excited to meet him someday.

    keep writing :) i like to learn about your suggestions and try and incorporate them into my own sense of style.

    miss you everyday.

  4. This is awesome! Loved reading it : ) Carter is lucky to have such a great family!

  5. I love Carter in the punkin patch in his dungarees! He truly is a joy, lucky Whit, Kristin and Jeff. He couldn't have a better set of people around him.

  6. Oh, Whit-you did it again!! I am constantly inspired by your stylish bones and words!!! And, I agree, little Carter bug is in the perfect place with the perfect parents living his sweet little perfect life--love flows abundantly!! BTW--Maybe you need to bring your stylish bones down here to peruse through this here closet of mine :0)!!

  7. Absolutely 100% love it...Whitney, you are a real talent!!! You are going to go far, and i really hope you don't have to waste your talent on somebody else's company/organization...I hope you can figure out a way that you can make a living on your own, your own company!!!

  8. Awesome, awesome, awesome! - F

  9. talented? of course. first time reader and i can not get enough! i agree with kit, do your own thing! whitney company in the future!

  10. Thank you sweet people for the compliments! They mean a TON!

  11. Love all of your blogs, but this is my fav - linking your incredible fashion sense and DS. My mind is racing back to yesteryear when you, Kristen, and Cassidy would dress up and Meme would take hundreds of pictures.