Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Creative minds think alike?

Recently I was very intrigued after I watched the HBO movie Temple Grandin. The movie is a true story about an amazing woman living with autism. The scenes that struck me the most were her visions and motivations working in her brain. “I see in pictures” she says in the beginning of the movie, and throughout the rest of the film every thought flashed pictures and scenes that her mind has captured throughout her life.  After seeing this, I was immediately inspired by her as a person. She is famous for being an accomplished adult with autism and has been extremely influential as an author and speaker on the subject of autism. Temple is a beautiful, smart, powerful self-advocate. There is nothing more inspiring than that.
I have become fascinated with different people and their minds. I am so interested as a stylist/writer/creative director in other artists and their thought process. I watch and listen to people very carefully. Last night I was at Kathleen Kennedy’s apartment, (a seriously talented painter), She showed me some of her paintings and immediately I wanted to know what they meant and what her inspirations were. She told me that some minds can just see it and understand all of the things I was asking.
In further conversation I decided that every craft is different, but I think all creative minds except and appreciate one another. I am obsessed with thinkers, writers, designers, photographers, painters, drawers, musicians, pottery/jewelry makers, chefs, teachers...anything that gets the creative mind working. I’ve come to realize that people focus on what they have the power to communicate with. I am visual, verbal and social. I have a mind that can see the beauty in a painting but may not understand the thoughts behind it, so in turn I need to ask and talk about it. When people work with pottery I can see them using their hands while creating something their mind is picturing but I immediately want to understand what made them curve the handle on the coffee cup. With photography I can tell what the whole picture is trying to portray. This makes me a good stylist because I can see and hear what people want and what will ultimately make the best picture. For personal styling, when an individual is telling me what they want to dress or look like I see the end result in my head. When I style a photo shoot it is so important for me to hear and grasp the photographers inspirations and desires while gathering some of my own. Again, I put together in my head the whole picture and bring it out for the end result.
All of this is why I am so into Temple, she has a creative mind and has never let anyone stop her from inventing and creating things for the world to use and see. Temple is not just a mentor for people with autism she is a mentor for all people.

"The world needs all different kinds of minds to work together"-Temple Grandin

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  1. Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words!