Monday, September 13, 2010

Not another fashion blog...

Fashion blogs are already out there and well taken care of. You have everything you need to know at your fingertips-literally. If you have never had a STYLISH BONE in your body you can find how-to's on where to wear, what not to wear, and how the hell you can and can’t and shouldn’t wear. Fashion is a passion for some but a hobby for others. It is a subject for lots but a feeling for few. I don’t know where this blog will take us, but I do know I will tell stories, write ideas, start conversations, give away advice but not secrets, inspire and share my inspirations. If you want to join me I would love it! If not, I get it...Who’s to say I have anything to say but me?

I will write about life, people, passion, and feelings (that will include fashion).

Yours Truly,
Whitney Melton


  1. This is looking really great! Can't wait to hear more and all the great things to come.I am really excited!

  2. i just have a quick question. are you a stylist? where is your website for this profession? i know it is a long shot, but you sold me clothes before in a store. not working there? you were the best! i just came in for jeans and you threw so many things my was amazing! i look forward to hearing more things to come from you missy!

  3. Yes Brie, I am a stylist. I so appreciate your comment and the COMPLIMENTS!!! How flattering that you remember me. I am not working in that store anymore. Currently I am styling (photoshoots, personal styling/shopping, and closet revamps) and working for Milani Home. Everything I do I try and keep my creative mind going...been a little slack on the blog lately , but I will pick up soon, thank you for the encouragement! Keep in touch! -Whit

  4. you are so very welcome! wish you were still there though, shopping just isn't the same without you! have a HAPPY Holiday season!