Sunday, September 26, 2010


After purging our closets Hanna and I decided to have a yard sale. (and I quote) “Not your typical yard sale” in not getting up at 7 AM to go scrounging through trash bags, and treasures (which I LOVE). 

“Purchase Our Purges” we called it, 4 to 6pm, wine and snacks are served and your dream yard sale will be fulfilled on the patio! Classiness was planned, sweat was gathered, and wine was consumed. Our yard sale gathered a perfect group of our favorite gals to do what we do better-gabbing, spending, and dancing. We played bluegrass, made a beer run, and showed off our flat footing/clogging skills. This yard sale wasn’t just a good plan to make make money, it was a camaraderie that us women folk needed. Revamp your closet, gather your group, and throw unwanted treasures together for your friends to want. (Side note: wine leads to more purchases...It’s Science!) We will continue to have our “classy” yard sales, it is a release of unneeded stuff and a gain of perfect memories!

Dancin' feet
Happy night

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  1. It was such a great way to gather, purge, AND make moolah! We had so much fun...Gianluca preferred hanging out with us to going to a friend's birthday party!!! I do believe it's the BEST way to do a yard sale!