Thursday, September 23, 2010

(some) Lessons of a Stylist

Whenever I am styling other people MY personal style is put on hold. I need to work with their details, opinions, personality, and shape. All of that helps decide what trends I can or shouldn't do for the individual.
Take Andrew for example, when I first met him his wardrobe consisted of solid t’s and jeans. Now that he has entered the fashion world with his photography it is (passed) time for a change. Andrew is willing and ready to try new things 1/2 for his work and the other 1/2 to improve his wardrobe. Shopping with him is easy, he understands his shape and personality, and he is willing to go out of his box (it was a small box-so the world is his). 
Another example is my sister. While going through her closet the other night laughing at sweaters she has held onto since the beginning of time. She told me she doesn’t like certain things “yeah, skinny jeans are great on most people, but I’ve never been into them.” As a stylist statements like that put you in your place. She is choosing her style and what she is comfortable with. I listened to her and grasped what she was saying. We purged some old sweaters, chose outfits for fall, and moved forward...both on the same page. 
An open mind is a great way to develop your own style-but don’t force anything, stay true to yourself.

Here are some shots I took while shopping with Andrew.

All photos taken in JCrew dressing room (gotta love JCrew style for classic boys)!

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