Monday, September 20, 2010

Visions of fringe and crochet danced in my head...

I’m pretty sure Ralph Lauren stalked my dreams before making his Spring 2011 Collection...This is how I was raised to dress!
Vests, neutrals, cream-cream-brown-tan-white-white-cream, lace, crochet, high feminine collars, bad to the bone jackets, prairie skirts, man hats!!! I am drooling and I must say...patting myself on the back. I could see myself in every piece as it so perfectly flowed out of my dream onto the runway. This is BY FAR my favorite Collection of the Spring 2011 season. Ralph Lauren continues to amaze me. He is genius when it comes to unexpected mixing (a love of mine) metallics with denim and neutrals, sparkles with fringe...YES PLEASE!  Also, major points for the choker necklace. 
The silhouettes were more than stunning, they gave me a sexy and very cool 90’s feeling. This isn’t just my Spring wardrobe, it’s my lifetime style. Thank you Ralph Lauren for continuing to make things new. 
I am done ranting on RL, if you haven’t seen it please follow this link... I can’t stop watching!

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