Saturday, September 18, 2010

Young At Heart

Realizations come right to you when you have conversations with kids. While hanging out with my favorite 8 year old today, this was said:

Me: Why am I so tired?
Mattia: Why am I so creative?

Without even realizing it, he put me perfectly in my place. Instead of being tired and “undisciplined” (I refuse to say lazy) I need to be asking Why am I so creative? When/where/how can I use this creativity? For me, having a creative mind makes it easier to get a little out of whack and unorganized. I am constantly thinking of new ideas and inspirations but not always following through. I don’t remember this being part of the deal when I was growing up. In those days I was full of dreams, ideas, and aspirations that I was SURE I would follow through without getting distracted by the world. I wonder what happens to our energy and gumption as we develop. I love seeing the lit up eyes of young people talking about what they want to be when they grow up or their favorite subject. I want to get back to that feeling of sureness and use it towards these days! If that doesn’t get my 25 year old bones going...I’m not sure what will.

I wanted to be a Figure Skater when I grew up...(really? yes, I know) I think I’ll stick with my Styling and Creative Direction work. Check out the photos Andrew Day and me shot today...inspired by the conversation with Mattia. I used the ties to give the adolescents an “all grown up” staple.

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