Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Personal Style = Personal Opinion

I am not a supporter of blogs where most of the posts are other people’s work without recognizing/giving credit/naming inspirations. Tell me about it, don’t plaster a picture trying to make it your own statement. What did you like about this ad? Did you appreciate the smokey eyed, stringy haired, waif-like gal with her sheer boyfriend tee draped perfectly over her beautiful boney shoulder wearing badass motorcycle boots? (pardon my run-on sentence). Did you appreciate the photography/art direction and what the brand’s true statement of the ad was?
I am so inspired by people who strive to be their true self. I think your personality has everything to do with your style. I have a small list of people I’ve been inspired by that I will share later. These people have ALWAYS made their own mark on the world. I think this is key in finding not just your personal style, but also your soul. I want someone to look at me and know what I have to offer to the world with no question. Maybe you haven’t found yourself yet, maybe you are always evolving into different forms of yourself. This is what life is about. This is what fashion is about.
In conclusion, take advice, search for inspiration...but always have your own. 
MY OWN: head scarfs, fringe & leopard print are always in.

My local inspirations: they have always stayed true to their souls and style.



continued favs:
Marc Jacobs
Stella McCartney
Ralph Lauren


  1. One day you came to school wearing a black turtle neck that had been cut off either you or your friend after a car accident earlier that year. You had sewn it back together with embroidery thread, and it looked amazing. That's when I knew you had style.

  2. Can't take credit for this, it was Jodi. She has AMAZING TALENTS with the sewing side of things... I did wreck and I did WEAR the shirt. BUT it was Jodi that created the top! hahaha. O' THE DAYS!

  3. Whitney, for YOU to be inspired by my style is truly a compliment and encourages me to continue to present myself in the most honest way I feel. When asked who her style icon was, Kate Moss replied it was herself. Dayum right!